It all started—as most things do—with cake.

In 1991, every issue of Elegant Bride magazine ran a page that featured a set of Victorian wedding cake charms. One late evening, the founder of Elegant Bride took a call from the father of a young woman who had purchased a set of charms from the vendor listed in the magazine. The family was not satisfied with the quality and wanted to return them. The vendor said, “Nope,” to which the Elegant Bride founder replied, “Seriously?” She then personally refunded the money.

And just like that, Exclusively Weddings was born.

Even today, 25 years later, we use the code phrase “cake charms” as a reminder that our business does best when the people we serve feel listened to, respected and valued. That means putting the needs of the bride (and, occasionally, the groom—but only if the bride approves it) above all else.

Here in a nutshell is everything
you need to know about us:

  • We deliver exceptional service, every time. PERIOD.

  • Our product assortment is huge. Like, stupid, mind-boggling big. The good news: we know it like the back of our hand, so let us guide you. We’ll narrow down what you want/need to see and save you oodles of time. (If you’re determined to see if all yourself, remember to hydrate and if you feel the panic starting to build, breath deeply into a paper bag. You’ve got this.)

  • We believe your wedding should be a reflection of you. This is your big day—do it up right! If you love ducks, we can do a duck theme. If you’ve dreamed of an elegant Paris wedding but can’t afford the flight, we can make the experience come close. Whatever you want, tell us, and we’ll work as a team to make sure your day is special, memorable and uniquely you.

  • We’re partial to a vanilla sponge cake with chocolate ganache filling and a buttercream frosting. Save us a piece.

This is your day, but helping to plan weddings is our passion. We promise to deliver the products you’re looking for with a level of service you’ll always remember. And if we ever fail to meet your expectations, don’t hesitate to tell us.

Because, “cake charms.”

- Your Exclusively Weddings Team

Meet Zoey,
our wedding guru.

Zoey is the combination of our many years of experience, rolled into one all-knowing and oh-so-stylish advisor, here to help you uncover and embrace your unique style. Whether you’re just starting to plan or already panicking because, um, deadlines, Zoey and our team of experts can guide you to the finish line with as little muss and fuss as possible.

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